4 Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Custom Engagement Ring


Designing your own custom engagement ring is becoming a favorable way to propose these days. In doing so, you can create a unique ring which reflects your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Before you jump into the process of creating a custom engagement ring, there are four things that can help you understand and enjoy the whole process more.

1. Consider Why You Want A Custom Ring

Besides the exciting ability to make an entirely unique ring, here are more factors that make this whole process more enticing:

  • You can determine your budget and stick to it without the influence of a pushy retail jewelry salesperson.

  • There are basically no restraints to your creativity aside from your budget and the laws of physics.

  • More eco-friendly options are available with custom rings, like using lab-grown, conflict free diamonds, instead of earth-mined diamonds.

2. See Who Qualifies As A Custom Jeweler

There are numerous ads for retail jewelers, some of which promote “customizable” rings. Don’t be fooled, you will still be working with their base rings as a starting point and will only be allowed to change things like the carat size of the diamond and setting for the gemstones.

When you want a truly custom piece of jewelry, you will need to work with a custom jewelry designer like Taylor Custom Rings. We enjoy educated our clients through the process to help them select the best quality metals and gemstones for their ring. Our designer, Jerry Taylor, is a Graduate Gemologist with years of experience on both the retail, manufacturing, design, and custom creation realms of this unique industry.

3. Find Out Your Future Fiancee’s Preferences

If you don’t want her to know you are designing a ring, there are some things you can do to  get a better idea of what she would love:

  • Observe what kind of jewelry she usually wears. There are important indicators to look for when determining what her engagement ring preferences might be.
  • Is her daily jewelry simple?
  • Does she wear jewelry that has lots of sparkle?
  • Does her jewelry ever have colored stones or mixed metals?
  • Take note of any instance where she mentions a ring she admires.

  • Peruse jewelry counters together and remember which rings seemed to interest her most.

  • Talk to her friends (but swear them to secrecy!).

  • Get your hands on a ring that fits her ring finger. By bringing that in for your consultation, we can determine which size ring to make for her.

  • ALWAYS look at her pinterest account.

Many of our clients enjoy the experience of designing the engagement ring together. You may want to consider if you future fiance would like to design with you or at least give some direct input.  

4. Understand Your Custom Jeweler’s Process

Every custom jewelry designer has a different process when it comes to making their products. A Taylor Custom Rings, we make our custom ring process as easy as possible. Start this simple process by submitting a custom ring form which asks for:

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Phone number (optional)

  • Written details on the ring

  • Attach inspiration pictures (optional)

  • Preliminary budget

  • Date you’d like to have the ring

Our lead jeweler will contact you and help you through the entire design process from the details in planning stages to your approval of the final design.

We hope we were able to help you understand a little more about custom engagement ring design and wish you luck on your upcoming proposal!

Avoid The Jewelry Store Salesman, Design A Custom Ring


Most people will attempt to avoid eye contact with the average mall salesperson but feel like dealing with a jewelry store salesman is the only way to find an engagement ring. Yet, having an anxious salesman hovering as you examine rings can make the whole ring finding experience incredibly uncomfortable and may pressure you to make decisions you wouldn’t make without hard sale tactics.

Choose to free yourself from the jewelry counter pressure and decide instead to make a custom engagement ring with Taylor Custom Rings.

A Custom Ring Puts Pricing In Your Hands, Not A Corporation

When buying a ready-made ring, the price is a fixed point which many times, has little to do with the actual worth of the ring. Extra fees are added to a pre-made ring sold by a jewelry store salesperson to cover commission and other middlemen as well as padding the bottom line of the jewelry corporation. For example, look at the competitor’s ring below.

Competitor Ring

kay ring.PNG

For a solitaire, 1-carat diamond ring with a 14K rose gold band, you would have to pay $4,719.20 and that’s for an on-sale ring. Compare that to one of our basic rings which you can choose to customize.

taylor ring.PNG

With our ring, the Audrey, you will only pay $4,350 for a 1-carat solitaire with a lab-grown diamond ring, with the ability to choose between a 14K rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold band. Choosing this ring can save $369.20 instead of choosing the competitor’s on-sale ring, which savings can be increased if you want to swap the diamond out for a moissanite. Either way, the diamond on our ring is more secure with its six-prong mounting, rather than the four-prongs on the competitor ring.

Even better, you aren’t stuck in a static design when you choose to work with Taylor Custom Rings. All of our rings can be customized to your preferences or you can choose to make one from scratch.

Put Your Trust In A Highly-Trained Custom Jeweler

Buying an engagement ring can be intimidating and is likely the most expensive piece of jewelry you will have ever purchased. The problem is that many jewelry salesmen have little to no training concerning fine jewelry. While some may receive certifications, too many of these jewelry companies focus on hard sales tactics instead of investing in education.

Our head custom jewelry designer Jerry Taylor is a Graduate Gemologist, has spent years learning about precious stones, jewelry settings, the market value of stones, and engaging in hands-on education using the GIA International Diamond Grading System. He can knowledgeably guide your custom ring design experience and provide you with more options than you will ever find in a store.

So, skip the guilting, high-pressure sales practices which are incredibly common at a jewelry store and work on your custom ring design online with a jeweler who will never push his vision onto your ideal engagement ring.

The 10 Best Places To Propose In Provo


With so many young couples throughout Provo looking to become engaged in the perfect spot, all of us here at Taylor Custom Rings wanted to make it a little easier to find the ideal proposal spot.

1. Top Of The “Y”

Probably one of the most well-known spots in Prove, Y mountain has a trail leading to the top of the Y. The city overlook is breathtaking, no matter what time you go up to the top.

It is a highly trafficked area, so if you want privacy, this may not be the place for you. But most hikers are respectful if they see a proposal is in motion, though they may applaud a successful proposal!

2. Provo City Center Temple

There are two LDS temples in Provo and the Provo City Center Temple is by far the more attractive one. A lovely historic building which was remodeled after a destructive fire, the grounds surrounding this building are well-maintained and the building makes a beautiful backdrop for a proposal.

3. Bridal Veil Falls

If you don’t feel like it would tip your hand, a proposal at the Bridal Veil Falls would be both romantic and perfect for post-engagement photos. The falls are most active during the late spring through most of the fall season, with picturesque water trailing down the granite mountainside.    

You will need to follow a short trail to reach the Bridal Veil Falls, so make sure you and your significant other has the appropriate footwear on!

4. Above The City

A couple of hot air balloon ride companies are available in Provo and can take you and your future spouse high above the city. To avoid dropping your dream engagement ring as you propose, we recommend you wait until you are both on solid ground to pull out the ring.

5. La Jolla Groves

For more traditional couples who would love a romantic dinner proposal, La Jolla Groves is a fine dining restaurant in Provo. There are cozy tables for an intimate dinner and lemon trees overhead to evoke an exotic locale.

The restaurant is fairly popular so you may want to make a reservation to be sure you will be able to dine and propose there.

6. Brigham Young University

There are many spots on the Brigham Young University Provo campus which would be perfect for students or others to propose. Some of the best spots are:

  • Museum of Art

  • Miller Park

  • Eyring Science Center

  • Botany Pond

7. Rock Canyon Trail

Leave downtown Provo behind and take a hike up Rock Canyon Trail for your proposal. There are many beautiful spots for a private proposal to be made, along with fantastic views of the valley to be had along the way.

If you and your significant other are adventurous, you may want to take advantage of the rock climbing and bouldering available in Rock Canyon to find the right place to propose.

8. Communal

For a more rustic yet still classy dinner proposal, you may want to try Communal. This restaurant puts an emphasis on farm-fresh ingredients in their meals so diners can taste the difference.

You will want to also make a reservation for Communal to make sure that you can secure a table for two.

9. Paul Ream Wilderness Park

Instead of hiking to the ideal picnic spot, you can go to Paul Ream Wilderness Park, a pocket of wilderness located within the Provo city limits. You can choose to wander down the many paths and feed the ducks until you find the perfect spot or just stake out your proposal picnic in one of the grassy areas.  

10. LaVell Edwards Stadium

Both musical and sporting events are held in the LaVell Edwards Stadium. BYU Cougar fans, in particular, have enjoyed proposing at this stadium.

No matter where you end up proposing, make sure you have the right ring! At Taylor Custom Rings, you can design a custom ring to match your future fiancee’s dream ring. Start the process today so you can have it ready in time for your perfect proposal.

Timeless Engagement Rings Styles


Creating a custom engagement ring allows your loved one to enjoy a beautiful and unique ring for decades. Those interested in creating a classic ring should review the timeless engagement ring styles below as they start the custom ring design process.  

Solitaire Diamond Ring


One of the most recognizable and classic styles is the solitaire diamond ring. The Audrey, one of our pre-designed rings, is a perfect example of the simple beauty found in the solitaire style. When looking at solitaire rings, a key feature to note is how many prongs are securing the stone. The fewer the prongs, the higher the likelihood that the stone can be lost when a prong breaks, which is why the Audrey has six secure prongs.

If you are looking to add a unique twist to this timeless engagement ring style, try mounting a colored gemstone in place of the solitaire diamond or choose to use a lab-grown diamond instead of an earth-mined one.  

Halo Engagement Ring


Adding sparkle and attention to the center, the halo engagement ring style is a more modern style engagement ring. The Mae ring shows this style at its most basic application, and with all rings shown on Taylor Custom Rings, you can also customize the Mae.

A popular adaptation with the halo style ring is to add a few colored gemstones to the halo surrounding the center stone.

Pave Setting With Center Stone


The pave setting is generally adjacent to another style of ring, as shown with the Katherine ring pictured above. In a pave engagement ring, precious stones are set into the band of the engagement ring.

Pave stones are often set with diamonds or diamond simulants but you can mix things up by adding colored gemstones to the band to either alternate with the diamonds or replace the diamonds completely.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring


When it comes to the three-stone engagement ring style, it takes the simplicity of the solitaire style and adds two, equal-sized gemstones to either side of the center stone. This style of ring symbolizes the past, present, and future of your relationship.

The Janie is an excellent twist on the three-stone engagement ring style. Not only does it display non-diamonds in the three-stone style, it also incorporates the halo style to add extra dazzle to the center stone.

Gallery Styles For Engagement Rings


Some people forget about the side profile of a ring, called the gallery, yet it is an area where you can add timeless style to your ring. Many rings have simple and elegant galleries, like the Charlotte ring. However, others have taken the opportunity to embrace timeless and antique styling for their rings’ gallery.  

Custom Ring.png

The ring pictured above is one we custom-created for a client. They took the opportunity to add small, inset diamonds and intricate styling to create a unique ring.  

Bezel Engagement Ring Setting


Our last timeless style is the bezel engagement ring setting, where the center stone is low-profile and inset into the metal surrounding it. The center stone’s shallow depth adds a unique sparkle to a bezel style ring.  

The Diana style ring adds a halo to the bezel setting, adding extra bedazzlement to this low-profile ring.

Taylor Custom Rings looks to blend modernity and timelessness to create engagement rings which their owners will love forever. From our Imagined ring style collection to our wedding bands, we have designed many rings to help inspire your creativity. If you see a ring you like but want to customize the timeless style, be sure to select the customization option at the bottom of every one of our pre-designed ring offerings.

Ask The Gemologist: Why Should I Propose With A Lab-Grown Diamond?


The need to propose with a diamond ring is reinforced with marketing and by the media. Yet, recent years have shown that there are several negatives when it comes to earth-mined diamonds. As an alternative to a potentially problematic earth-mined diamond, you may want to consider proposing with a lab-grown diamond in your custom engagement ring.

All Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Conflict-Free

One of the major objections to earth-mined diamonds is their troubling history. Many earth-mined diamonds on the market in the past were found to have been mined by forced labor. These laborers were generally people living in areas of high conflict, often in turbulent areas of Africa.

While there are now regulations on many of the earth-mined diamonds markets to avoid purchasing diamonds which have been mined by enslaved labor, it is hard to track exactly where a diamond was mined, especially after the diamond has been cut.

When you choose a lab-grown diamond, you can always be sure that your diamond is completely conflict-free. No human misery has ever touched a lab-grown diamond as they are all created in a controlled laboratory.

Synthetic Diamonds Are Identical To Earth-Mined Diamonds

At Taylor Custom Rings, our founder Jerry Taylor is a certified Graduate Gemologist. As a Graduate Gemologist, he has been trained to notice the fine differences between different gemstones qualities, the 4 C’s of diamonds, and so much more. Yet, as any gemologist will tell you, there is no way to tell a difference between a synthetic diamond and an earth-mined diamond.

Unlike the diamond stimulants cubic zirconia and moissanite, a synthetic diamond has exactly the same structure as an earth-mined diamond. Even at the chemical level, these two types of diamonds are identical. So, you don’t need to worry that you are choosing a lesser diamond when choosing a lab-grown diamond.

A Lab-Grown Diamond Costs Less

If you take a lab-grown diamond and an earth-mined diamond of the exact same shape, cut, color, and clarity, the lab-grown diamond will cost less.

This cost difference is due in part to the controlled creation of the lab-grown diamond. Instead of needing to pay multiple middlemen to access the diamond, a synthetic diamond can go from the lab to the custom jeweler, which reduces the cost significantly.

Lab-Created Diamonds Are Environmentally-Friendly

Gemstone mining practices can be incredibly harmful to the environment, as it generally requires the stripping of the topsoil and needs to use megalitres of water to cover the hectares of land where diamond mining occurs.

Instead, a lab-grown diamond will not disturb land outside of its laboratory and 1-carat of grown diamond only requires 18.5 gallons of water. For the earth-mined diamond equivalent, 1-carat of earth-mined diamond needs 126 gallons of water. So, if environmental-friendliness is something you and your significant other strive for, it only makes sense to choose a lab-grown diamond.

Here at Taylor Custom Rings, we are happy to hunt for the perfect lab-grown diamond for your custom engagement ring. So, as you consider what kind of engagement ring you want to design, consider using a lab-grown diamond rather than an earth-mined diamond.