How To Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring


If you are looking to design the perfect custom engagement ring, then you will want to work with Taylor Custom Rings. We are ready to bring the vision of your engagement ring to life and allow you an incredibly high level of control over the whole process.  

Starting Your Custom Engagement Ring Design

To start the process of creating your custom engagement ring, you need to fill out our custom ring design form. This form will ask you for:

  • Your full name

  • Email address

  • A description of the custom ring you want to make

  • Your estimated budget

  • Your phone number (optional)

You can also email us at if you have more ring design questions.

If you are customizing one of our already available ring designs, just go to the ring you would like to customize and select the ‘Want To Customize’ option at the bottom of the page. There you can add notes on what you would like changed on the ring in question.  

Initial Ring Design And Quote

Depending on how detailed your initial description of your ring is, we will work with you to ensure we have a clear picture of what you want. You will receive a detailed quote on how much your ring will cost after we have finished gathering all the information. The digital rendering of your ring will take place after you have approved of the budget and paid half of the balance on your ring.

There are many factors which can affect the cost of your custom engagement ring:

  • Stone types - Depending on the type of stone you choose for your engagement ring, the price can vary widely. Mined diamonds are generally most expensive, then lab-grown diamonds. We also offer moissanite stones, though they are not as tough a stone as either kind of diamond.

  • Carat weight - The total carat weight of your designed ring will also affect the pricing of your ring. While small carat stones are fairly affordable, they can add up, especially if you would like a large center stone.

  • Diamond clarity - Our standard diamond offering is for SI-1 clarity, as they are both fairly affordable and beautiful. You can customize the clarity of your engagement ring. Moissanite clarity is rated the same as diamonds when it comes to clarity, though a moissanite stone of the same clarity of a diamond will always be more affordable.

  • Ring metal - The basic ring metal offerings on our rings are rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. However, you can discuss with us options such as a platinum setting and more.

  • Design complexity - Depending on the complexity of your design, the cost of your ring may cost more as it will take our expert jewelers more time to craft your ring.

By choosing to customize your engagement ring, you can control the cost of the engagement ring and be sure you are receiving exactly what you want.

Approving Engagement Ring Digital Design

Once you have approved of the budget and paid half of the balance, we will digitally render your ring so you can know exactly what it will look like once it has been fabricated. We offer 5 free revisions so you can ensure that your custom engagement ring matches your vision. While most clients have not needed more than the 5 free revisions, if you do need more, they will cost $50 per revision.

After the digital rendering is approved of by you, we will finish creating the ring. You will receive pictures of the ring once it has been created and before we ship it to you.

Receiving Your Custom Ring And Warranties

As each custom engagement ring is made-to-order, it will generally take us 3-4 weeks before you receive your ring. It may be possible to put in a rush order, but there may be a rush fee of $200-$300.

Also, when you receive a Taylor Custom Rings engagement ring, you also receive our excellent warranties.

  • Your ring will 100% match the digital rendering or we will remake it for you for free.

  • Our 2-year warranty covers cleaning, polishing, resizing, setting tightening, rhodium plating on white gold rings, replacement of side stones. We do not cover center stones.

  • Certified appraisal and certificate of authenticity are also included with our 2-year warranty.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us so we can help you make your dream engagement ring a reality.