Make A Positive Impact By Choosing Lab-Grown Diamonds


Unlike some custom ring companies, Taylor Custom Rings doesn’t ignore lab-grown diamonds in favor of mined diamonds. Not only do lab-grown diamonds allow us to offer our custom ring services at lower prices than are possible with mined diamonds, but choosing lab-grown diamonds allows you to make a positive impact on the world.   

Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds Over Mined Diamonds

You may be wondering how choosing one type of diamond over another can have a real impact on the world. Well, there are real, tangible ways which your choice will affect you and the world around you.

  • Lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free - Once a mined diamond has been cut, it is nearly impossible to tell if it was ethically mined or if it was mined by a slave. No lab-grown diamond has ever been produced in such an environment.

  • Diamond mining is not well-regulated - Outside of the sheer human misery that can be attached to a mined diamond, the process of mining diamonds is not well-regulated in regards to ecological stability. In underdeveloped nations which lack enforceable mining regulations, the mining of diamonds can be incredibly damaging to the ecosystem.

  • Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable - While the rarity of mined diamonds has been largely manufactured by diamond companies, mined diamonds are still a nonrenewable resource. Lab-grown diamond creation is completely sustainable.

  • More affordable option when choosing lab-grown - That’s right, when you choose lab-grown diamonds, they can range from 20-30% cheaper than mined diamonds.

Visual Differences Between Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs Mined

While the positive effects of choosing lab-grown diamonds are highly motivating, some people worry that there will be a visual difference between lab-grown diamonds when they are compared to mined diamonds.

But that’s the real surprise for most people — there is no visual difference between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds.

Graduate gemologists around the world, and here at Taylor Custom Rings, cannot tell any difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined one. They are chemically and structurally the exact same kind of diamond.

Craft The Perfect Ring With Lab-Grown Diamonds

Here at Taylor Custom Rings, we love the flexibility that lab-grown diamonds offer the custom ring process. If you want to find a particular cut, color, clarity, carat, we can find it for you and at a lower price than you will find elsewhere, thanks to lab-grown diamonds.

If you are ready to craft the perfect custom ring, feel free to contact us today with your ideas!