Design A Custom Engagement Ring For Your Loved One


Creating a custom engagement ring is an exciting process, but it can be tough to know just where to start once you’ve decided to go the custom route.

Here at Taylor Custom Rings, we want your custom engagement ring process to be as smooth as possible. If you follow some basic steps, you will be able to design the perfect engagement ring.

Set A Flexible Budget

You’re going to want to approach custom engagement ring design with a fairly flexible budget in mind. There are a wide variety of factors which can influence the overall cost of your custom engagement ring. Some of the main factors are:

  • Diamond type - There are earth-mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds you can choose from if you want to go the diamond route. Not even certified jewelers can tell the two apart, yet lab-grown diamonds are more affordable than earth-mined diamonds as well as being conflict-free.

  • Alternative stones - Using nontraditional stones in your custom engagement ring can make it more affordable than a diamond-only ring.

  • Total carat - Along with the type of gemstones you use in your custom ring design, their total carat will affect the price. A gem-encrusted ring will cost no matter what stones you are using.

  • Metal(s) used - The metal type and purity can easily drive the price of your custom ring up. For instances, a 10K yellow gold ring will be much more affordable than a platinum ring. Using more than one metal in the ring design can also drive up the price.

Determine The Style Of Your Custom Ring

Once a flexible budget is set, it is time to determine the style of your ring. Some people do this process in reverse order, which can end up being disappointing when the style of the ring you want is well-beyond your price range.

While a custom jewelry designer like Jerry Taylor can help you alter your design to fit your budget, it is easier to set your budget and make your style choices with your price point firmly in mind.

  • Discuss options - When it comes to designing a woman’s engagement ring, options are endless. From the four Rs of diamonds (cut, carat, color, clarity) to the overall body of the ring, there is plenty to discuss when it comes to narrowing down your options.

  • Examine daily activities - If the engagement ring is expected to be worn on a daily basis, some consideration should be given to what the wearer does regularly. For your average office job, a four-pronged, one-carat diamond ring won’t really be in the way. However, that same ring will not work for women who need to do more with their hands, such as nurses.

  • Understand complexity costs - The more time that is required to create your custom engagement ring, the more that complex ring will cost you.  

  • Determine priorities - While a custom engagement ring means you can create your ring as you want it, it may be beyond the budget you set. You will need to determine if having exactly the style you want is worth flexing your budget.

Contact Taylor Custom Rings

After you have determined your budget and style, contact Taylor Custom Rings by filling out our custom ring design form. From there, we can guide you through the rest of the custom ring design process as we develop the ring of your dreams.