Salt Lake Bride's Online Wedding Expo


As the cost of holding a wedding rises, brides and grooms have been looking for more ways to save money on their big day. This had led many of these money-conscious brides and grooms to look online for great deals on everything from wedding party attire to the wedding rings.

Instead of scouring the web for wedding vendors and deals, brides and grooms can attend the Utah Online Bridal Event this coming weekend.  

Attending The Utah Online Bridal Fair

If you have not attended a bridal fair in-person, picture this — rows of vendor booths with brides, grooms, mothers of the brides and grooms, and bridesmaids all bustling around the various vendors. Should that picture not appeal to you all that much, the option to attend an online bridal fair may be the right choice for you. Some other reasons to attend an online bridal fair are:

  • Convenience - Rather than trekking out to a busy convention center, you can opt to sit on your couch in pajamas while you check out the various wedding vendors. Also, as this is a Utah-centric bridal fair, you can more easily find vendors near you.  

  • Connect immediately - As you see vendors you want to reach out to, you can check their websites as you talk. If you were to attend in-person, you would have to wait until after you discuss details with them to double-check their websites and portfolios.

  • Find deals - Bridal fairs are an excellent time to find deals and online bridal fairs are no exceptions. Even better, as you work with a vendor online, you can have the conversation about your deal in writing, which can help keep the vendor accountable for any promises they have made.

  • Start early - Summertime is one of the popular seasons for proposals, so you will soon have other brides and grooms competing with you for the best vendors and deals. By attending an early event like the Utah Bridal Fair, you can secure your favorite vendors before they are all booked up.

Find Your Perfect Wedding Rings Online

Taylor Custom Rings is an online-only custom ring maker. We do this to cut down on the prices we offer, so you aren’t paying for our overhead or store location with your wedding rings.

So, not only can you save money with us but you can also design your dream wedding rings. You can start the custom ring design process today with no need to wait for the Utah Bridal Event.