Ask The Gemologist: Why Should I Propose With A Lab-Grown Diamond?


The need to propose with a diamond ring is reinforced with marketing and by the media. Yet, recent years have shown that there are several negatives when it comes to earth-mined diamonds. As an alternative to a potentially problematic earth-mined diamond, you may want to consider proposing with a lab-grown diamond in your custom engagement ring.

All Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Conflict-Free

One of the major objections to earth-mined diamonds is their troubling history. Many earth-mined diamonds on the market in the past were found to have been mined by forced labor. These laborers were generally people living in areas of high conflict, often in turbulent areas of Africa.

While there are now regulations on many of the earth-mined diamonds markets to avoid purchasing diamonds which have been mined by enslaved labor, it is hard to track exactly where a diamond was mined, especially after the diamond has been cut.

When you choose a lab-grown diamond, you can always be sure that your diamond is completely conflict-free. No human misery has ever touched a lab-grown diamond as they are all created in a controlled laboratory.

Synthetic Diamonds Are Identical To Earth-Mined Diamonds

At Taylor Custom Rings, our founder Jerry Taylor is a certified Graduate Gemologist. As a Graduate Gemologist, he has been trained to notice the fine differences between different gemstones qualities, the 4 C’s of diamonds, and so much more. Yet, as any gemologist will tell you, there is no way to tell a difference between a synthetic diamond and an earth-mined diamond.

Unlike the diamond stimulants cubic zirconia and moissanite, a synthetic diamond has exactly the same structure as an earth-mined diamond. Even at the chemical level, these two types of diamonds are identical. So, you don’t need to worry that you are choosing a lesser diamond when choosing a lab-grown diamond.

A Lab-Grown Diamond Costs Less

If you take a lab-grown diamond and an earth-mined diamond of the exact same shape, cut, color, and clarity, the lab-grown diamond will cost less.

This cost difference is due in part to the controlled creation of the lab-grown diamond. Instead of needing to pay multiple middlemen to access the diamond, a synthetic diamond can go from the lab to the custom jeweler, which reduces the cost significantly.

Lab-Created Diamonds Are Environmentally-Friendly

Gemstone mining practices can be incredibly harmful to the environment, as it generally requires the stripping of the topsoil and needs to use megalitres of water to cover the hectares of land where diamond mining occurs.

Instead, a lab-grown diamond will not disturb land outside of its laboratory and 1-carat of grown diamond only requires 18.5 gallons of water. For the earth-mined diamond equivalent, 1-carat of earth-mined diamond needs 126 gallons of water. So, if environmental-friendliness is something you and your significant other strive for, it only makes sense to choose a lab-grown diamond.

Here at Taylor Custom Rings, we are happy to hunt for the perfect lab-grown diamond for your custom engagement ring. So, as you consider what kind of engagement ring you want to design, consider using a lab-grown diamond rather than an earth-mined diamond.