Timeless Engagement Rings Styles


Creating a custom engagement ring allows your loved one to enjoy a beautiful and unique ring for decades. Those interested in creating a classic ring should review the timeless engagement ring styles below as they start the custom ring design process.  

Solitaire Diamond Ring


One of the most recognizable and classic styles is the solitaire diamond ring. The Audrey, one of our pre-designed rings, is a perfect example of the simple beauty found in the solitaire style. When looking at solitaire rings, a key feature to note is how many prongs are securing the stone. The fewer the prongs, the higher the likelihood that the stone can be lost when a prong breaks, which is why the Audrey has six secure prongs.

If you are looking to add a unique twist to this timeless engagement ring style, try mounting a colored gemstone in place of the solitaire diamond or choose to use a lab-grown diamond instead of an earth-mined one.  

Halo Engagement Ring


Adding sparkle and attention to the center, the halo engagement ring style is a more modern style engagement ring. The Mae ring shows this style at its most basic application, and with all rings shown on Taylor Custom Rings, you can also customize the Mae.

A popular adaptation with the halo style ring is to add a few colored gemstones to the halo surrounding the center stone.

Pave Setting With Center Stone


The pave setting is generally adjacent to another style of ring, as shown with the Katherine ring pictured above. In a pave engagement ring, precious stones are set into the band of the engagement ring.

Pave stones are often set with diamonds or diamond simulants but you can mix things up by adding colored gemstones to the band to either alternate with the diamonds or replace the diamonds completely.

Three-Stone Engagement Ring


When it comes to the three-stone engagement ring style, it takes the simplicity of the solitaire style and adds two, equal-sized gemstones to either side of the center stone. This style of ring symbolizes the past, present, and future of your relationship.

The Janie is an excellent twist on the three-stone engagement ring style. Not only does it display non-diamonds in the three-stone style, it also incorporates the halo style to add extra dazzle to the center stone.

Gallery Styles For Engagement Rings


Some people forget about the side profile of a ring, called the gallery, yet it is an area where you can add timeless style to your ring. Many rings have simple and elegant galleries, like the Charlotte ring. However, others have taken the opportunity to embrace timeless and antique styling for their rings’ gallery.  

Custom Ring.png

The ring pictured above is one we custom-created for a client. They took the opportunity to add small, inset diamonds and intricate styling to create a unique ring.  

Bezel Engagement Ring Setting


Our last timeless style is the bezel engagement ring setting, where the center stone is low-profile and inset into the metal surrounding it. The center stone’s shallow depth adds a unique sparkle to a bezel style ring.  

The Diana style ring adds a halo to the bezel setting, adding extra bedazzlement to this low-profile ring.

Taylor Custom Rings looks to blend modernity and timelessness to create engagement rings which their owners will love forever. From our Imagined ring style collection to our wedding bands, we have designed many rings to help inspire your creativity. If you see a ring you like but want to customize the timeless style, be sure to select the customization option at the bottom of every one of our pre-designed ring offerings.