The 10 Best Places To Propose In Provo


With so many young couples throughout Provo looking to become engaged in the perfect spot, all of us here at Taylor Custom Rings wanted to make it a little easier to find the ideal proposal spot.

1. Top Of The “Y”

Probably one of the most well-known spots in Prove, Y mountain has a trail leading to the top of the Y. The city overlook is breathtaking, no matter what time you go up to the top.

It is a highly trafficked area, so if you want privacy, this may not be the place for you. But most hikers are respectful if they see a proposal is in motion, though they may applaud a successful proposal!

2. Provo City Center Temple

There are two LDS temples in Provo and the Provo City Center Temple is by far the more attractive one. A lovely historic building which was remodeled after a destructive fire, the grounds surrounding this building are well-maintained and the building makes a beautiful backdrop for a proposal.

3. Bridal Veil Falls

If you don’t feel like it would tip your hand, a proposal at the Bridal Veil Falls would be both romantic and perfect for post-engagement photos. The falls are most active during the late spring through most of the fall season, with picturesque water trailing down the granite mountainside.    

You will need to follow a short trail to reach the Bridal Veil Falls, so make sure you and your significant other has the appropriate footwear on!

4. Above The City

A couple of hot air balloon ride companies are available in Provo and can take you and your future spouse high above the city. To avoid dropping your dream engagement ring as you propose, we recommend you wait until you are both on solid ground to pull out the ring.

5. La Jolla Groves

For more traditional couples who would love a romantic dinner proposal, La Jolla Groves is a fine dining restaurant in Provo. There are cozy tables for an intimate dinner and lemon trees overhead to evoke an exotic locale.

The restaurant is fairly popular so you may want to make a reservation to be sure you will be able to dine and propose there.

6. Brigham Young University

There are many spots on the Brigham Young University Provo campus which would be perfect for students or others to propose. Some of the best spots are:

  • Museum of Art

  • Miller Park

  • Eyring Science Center

  • Botany Pond

7. Rock Canyon Trail

Leave downtown Provo behind and take a hike up Rock Canyon Trail for your proposal. There are many beautiful spots for a private proposal to be made, along with fantastic views of the valley to be had along the way.

If you and your significant other are adventurous, you may want to take advantage of the rock climbing and bouldering available in Rock Canyon to find the right place to propose.

8. Communal

For a more rustic yet still classy dinner proposal, you may want to try Communal. This restaurant puts an emphasis on farm-fresh ingredients in their meals so diners can taste the difference.

You will want to also make a reservation for Communal to make sure that you can secure a table for two.

9. Paul Ream Wilderness Park

Instead of hiking to the ideal picnic spot, you can go to Paul Ream Wilderness Park, a pocket of wilderness located within the Provo city limits. You can choose to wander down the many paths and feed the ducks until you find the perfect spot or just stake out your proposal picnic in one of the grassy areas.  

10. LaVell Edwards Stadium

Both musical and sporting events are held in the LaVell Edwards Stadium. BYU Cougar fans, in particular, have enjoyed proposing at this stadium.

No matter where you end up proposing, make sure you have the right ring! At Taylor Custom Rings, you can design a custom ring to match your future fiancee’s dream ring. Start the process today so you can have it ready in time for your perfect proposal.