Avoid The Jewelry Store Salesman, Design A Custom Ring


Most people will attempt to avoid eye contact with the average mall salesperson but feel like dealing with a jewelry store salesman is the only way to find an engagement ring. Yet, having an anxious salesman hovering as you examine rings can make the whole ring finding experience incredibly uncomfortable and may pressure you to make decisions you wouldn’t make without hard sale tactics.

Choose to free yourself from the jewelry counter pressure and decide instead to make a custom engagement ring with Taylor Custom Rings.

A Custom Ring Puts Pricing In Your Hands, Not A Corporation

When buying a ready-made ring, the price is a fixed point which many times, has little to do with the actual worth of the ring. Extra fees are added to a pre-made ring sold by a jewelry store salesperson to cover commission and other middlemen as well as padding the bottom line of the jewelry corporation. For example, look at the competitor’s ring below.

Competitor Ring

kay ring.PNG

For a solitaire, 1-carat diamond ring with a 14K rose gold band, you would have to pay $4,719.20 and that’s for an on-sale ring. Compare that to one of our basic rings which you can choose to customize.

taylor ring.PNG

With our ring, the Audrey, you will only pay $4,350 for a 1-carat solitaire with a lab-grown diamond ring, with the ability to choose between a 14K rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold band. Choosing this ring can save $369.20 instead of choosing the competitor’s on-sale ring, which savings can be increased if you want to swap the diamond out for a moissanite. Either way, the diamond on our ring is more secure with its six-prong mounting, rather than the four-prongs on the competitor ring.

Even better, you aren’t stuck in a static design when you choose to work with Taylor Custom Rings. All of our rings can be customized to your preferences or you can choose to make one from scratch.

Put Your Trust In A Highly-Trained Custom Jeweler

Buying an engagement ring can be intimidating and is likely the most expensive piece of jewelry you will have ever purchased. The problem is that many jewelry salesmen have little to no training concerning fine jewelry. While some may receive certifications, too many of these jewelry companies focus on hard sales tactics instead of investing in education.

Our head custom jewelry designer Jerry Taylor is a Graduate Gemologist, has spent years learning about precious stones, jewelry settings, the market value of stones, and engaging in hands-on education using the GIA International Diamond Grading System. He can knowledgeably guide your custom ring design experience and provide you with more options than you will ever find in a store.

So, skip the guilting, high-pressure sales practices which are incredibly common at a jewelry store and work on your custom ring design online with a jeweler who will never push his vision onto your ideal engagement ring.