4 Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Custom Engagement Ring


Designing your own custom engagement ring is becoming a favorable way to propose these days. In doing so, you can create a unique ring which reflects your one-of-a-kind relationship.

Before you jump into the process of creating a custom engagement ring, there are four things that can help you understand and enjoy the whole process more.

1. Consider Why You Want A Custom Ring

Besides the exciting ability to make an entirely unique ring, here are more factors that make this whole process more enticing:

  • You can determine your budget and stick to it without the influence of a pushy retail jewelry salesperson.

  • There are basically no restraints to your creativity aside from your budget and the laws of physics.

  • More eco-friendly options are available with custom rings, like using lab-grown, conflict free diamonds, instead of earth-mined diamonds.

2. See Who Qualifies As A Custom Jeweler

There are numerous ads for retail jewelers, some of which promote “customizable” rings. Don’t be fooled, you will still be working with their base rings as a starting point and will only be allowed to change things like the carat size of the diamond and setting for the gemstones.

When you want a truly custom piece of jewelry, you will need to work with a custom jewelry designer like Taylor Custom Rings. We enjoy educated our clients through the process to help them select the best quality metals and gemstones for their ring. Our designer, Jerry Taylor, is a Graduate Gemologist with years of experience on both the retail, manufacturing, design, and custom creation realms of this unique industry.

3. Find Out Your Future Fiancee’s Preferences

If you don’t want her to know you are designing a ring, there are some things you can do to  get a better idea of what she would love:

  • Observe what kind of jewelry she usually wears. There are important indicators to look for when determining what her engagement ring preferences might be.
  • Is her daily jewelry simple?
  • Does she wear jewelry that has lots of sparkle?
  • Does her jewelry ever have colored stones or mixed metals?
  • Take note of any instance where she mentions a ring she admires.

  • Peruse jewelry counters together and remember which rings seemed to interest her most.

  • Talk to her friends (but swear them to secrecy!).

  • Get your hands on a ring that fits her ring finger. By bringing that in for your consultation, we can determine which size ring to make for her.

  • ALWAYS look at her pinterest account.

Many of our clients enjoy the experience of designing the engagement ring together. You may want to consider if you future fiance would like to design with you or at least give some direct input.  

4. Understand Your Custom Jeweler’s Process

Every custom jewelry designer has a different process when it comes to making their products. A Taylor Custom Rings, we make our custom ring process as easy as possible. Start this simple process by submitting a custom ring form which asks for:

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Phone number (optional)

  • Written details on the ring

  • Attach inspiration pictures (optional)

  • Preliminary budget

  • Date you’d like to have the ring

Our lead jeweler will contact you and help you through the entire design process from the details in planning stages to your approval of the final design.

We hope we were able to help you understand a little more about custom engagement ring design and wish you luck on your upcoming proposal!