Matching Wedding Rings For The Happy Couple

Matching Wedding Rings.jpg

In the era of individuality and customization, some engaged couples have opted for matching wedding rings to express their love and commitment. Here at Taylor Custom Rings, happy couples can custom-create their ideal matching wedding rings.   

Why Choose Matching Wedding Rings

Some signs of couple-matching can come off as odd or over-the-top, like couples who match outfits. But choosing matching wedding rings is a subtle way to connect and match with your spouse. Other reasons why you and your future spouse may want matching wedding rings are:

  • Matching rings reinforce the image that you and your partner have similar tastes and fit well together.

  • These rings can be a nod to the fact that you and your spouse have become one family unit.

  • You and your partner want to create a tradition together.

No matter your reasons, no one but you and your future spouse needs to approve of why you’ve chosen to have matching wedding rings.

Inspiration For Creative, Matching Rings

You don’t have to settle for a basic design or plain wedding bands if you want to have matching wedding rings with your future spouse. Here at Taylor Custom Rings, you can indulge your wedding ring creativity to the fullest. We have pulled together some examples to kickstart your creativity.


Engraved Rings.jpg

For those couples who prefer a more private show of unity, consider matching ring engravings. A unique phrase used between the two of you or inset matching gemstones are a lovely way to incorporate a matching element in your wedding rings.


Ornate - 500.jpg

Outgoing couples who want a more ornate or fanciful matching wedding ring design can try something like the rings above. A variation on this design which will retain the matching aspect can maintain the same spacing and colors of the gemstones but on a plain band for partners who aren’t comfortable with the more ornate design.


Mixed Metals 500.jpg

Mixed-metal wedding rings are becoming more popular, giving you more options when it comes to designing your rings. Even without stones added, these mixed-metal wedding ring bands have a simple beauty.

Matching Gemstone

Matching Gemstone 500.jpg

If the stones in your rings match in size and color, it is easy to establish a matching ring look. If there is a concern of the gemstone being damaged due to work situations, you can opt to have it set in a bezel setting, like the rings in our Imagined engagement ring line. This setting allows the gemstone to be safely placed in profile with the metal of the ring to protect it.

Design The Perfect Matching Wedding Rings

When you fill out our custom ring design form, you are no longer stuck with whatever rings are in stock at the jewelry counter. Instead, you can work with our lead custom jeweler and design the matching wedding rings of your dreams. Start the process today by filling out our form and receive your perfect rings in no time!