The Nora Ring (Hexagon) in Rose Gold modeled on a hand

Antique Cut Engagement Rings

Our antique cut diamond rings evoke the romance and craftsmanship of bygone eras, and at Taylor Custom Rings, we offer the allure of past styles combined with the ethics and responsibility called for by the present day.

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    Romantic Details

    We find joy in the simple, delicate elements of our antique cut diamond rings. Our rings feature the daintiest of details, creating a romantic piece that can be worn and appreciated for generations.

    Our Kathleen Ring offers reverse engravings and delicate milgrain details along the band, complementing the center diamond, which sparkles brilliantly. The Aurora Ring has a pavé diamond band, adding extra shine and sparkle.

    Different Types of Antique Cuts

    One of the most captivating aspects of antique cut engagement rings is their ability to tell a story through their facets. The larger facets of these cuts often result in a mesmerizing play of light, creating a distinctive sparkle that's less fiery but more subtle and romantic. The allure of antique cut diamonds lies in their ability to create a warm, candlelit glow that harkens back to eras when jewelry was painstakingly crafted with limited tools and resources.

    Various cuts fall under the umbrella of antique cut rings. Below are a couple of our favorites:

    • The Sabrina Ring: The Sabrina showcases an Old European cut (OEC), which favors a different facet arrangement than most diamond cuts, making the shimmer more like a candlelight flicker than a sharp, brilliant sparkle.
    • The Nora Ring: The Nora is made with a rose-cut diamond; a rose cut is flat on the bottom and faceted on top, making it a low-profile ring that sits close to the finger when worn.

    Lab-Grown Antique Cut Engagement Rings

    At Taylor Custom Rings, our diamonds are made above ground rather than mined from the earth. While you’re getting the benefits of an antique cut diamond ring, you can also take steps to protect the planet you love, including purchasing a ring made with lab-grown diamonds. To find the best antique cut ring style for you, book a consultation with one of our jewelry experts today!