The Serena (Elongated Cushion) ring in yellow gold stacked with the Sunburst wedding band in yellow gold modeled on a hand

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion-cut diamonds are popular for a reason; their distinctive shape is stately, and their facets sparkle brilliantly. Known for their unique blend of vintage charm and modern elegance, cushion cut diamond engagement rings have acquired a devoted following among those seeking a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics.

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    Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

    The cushion cut, also referred to as a "pillow cut," features a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, reminiscent of a soft cushion. This shape offers versatility and softness while still being a bold, strong choice of diamond. Because it is cut more deeply, a cushion cut will appear smaller than a round brilliant cut of the same carat weight, but many are willing to overlook this fact because of the cushion cut’s intriguing silhouette.

    Lab-Grown Luxury

    One of the defining characteristics of cushion cut diamond engagement rings is their remarkable ability to showcase a diamond's brilliance and fire. With Taylor Custom Rings, you can get this same brilliance and fire without the harmful impact that comes with a mined diamond.

    Taylor Custom Rings are made with lab-grown diamonds that have the same clarity, quality, and brilliance as a mined diamond. Created above ground using cutting-edge technology, the diamonds in our cushion cut engagement rings are of the highest quality and graded by independent grading labs like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

    Modified Brilliant or Antique Cut

    Our lab-grown cushion cut diamond engagement rings include rings with the more sparkly modified brilliant facet arrangement that more closely resembles a round brilliant-cut diamond. It also includes an antique elongated cushion cut, which features fewer facets and a distinct vintage-inspired appeal, making The Eri Ring a favorite. Her minimal band highlights the center cushion cut stone that is a showstopper by any description.

    Make It Your Own

    Variations in carat size, setting style, and type of metal allow you to select a cushion cut diamond engagement ring that aligns with your personal style, whether it's a romantic charm of the past or a sophisticated, minimalist look.

    To begin your exploration of lab-grown cushion cut diamond engagement rings, visit our showroom or book a consultation with one of our jewelry experts today.