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Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

Ready to give the perfect gift, just not sure exactly what it is? We understand! This is a purchase you want to get right! Let your someone special choose their dream gift with a Taylor Custom Rings digital gift card and you can both be sure your gift will be the perfect one.

-Your gift card will be sent by email, complete with instructions on how to use it. 

-You can forward or print the gift card for the recipient.

-Your gift card never expires.

Mine-free Diamonds and gemstones

Our lab grown diamonds and gemstones are created by scientists above the ground, eliminating the negative environmental effects of diamond mining.

Recycled Precious Metals

No new mining is required to craft our rings. We use re-refined metals in every design to avoid the devastating environmental impact of precious metals mining.

Hand crafted to perfection

Our master jewelers meticulously craft each ring to the highest industry standards ensuring a combination of maximum beauty and durability.

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