Custom Jewelry Designer

Choosing to have custom jewelry designed can be a big decision as you are choosing to do something completely new, rather than just pick something out at a jewelry counter. So, once you make the choice to have your jewelry custom-designed, you need to find a custom jewelry designer who specializes in what jewelry you need to have created. 


What Is A Custom Jewelry Designer

A custom jewelry designer is an individual who specializes in working with clients to create unique jewelry for their clients. Generally, there are no certifications required to create custom jewelry. However, for the best experience in creating custom jewelry, you will want to choose a custom jewelry designer with plenty of experience with high-end jewelry. 

An example of a highly qualified custom jewelry designer is our lead designer, Jerry Taylor. He is a Graduate Gemologist who has over a decade of experience in the jewelry business. Jerry ensures that the gemstones which go into our clients’ custom jewelry order meet the clients’ expectations. Along with his experience with gemstones, Jerry understands the delicate balance between the jewelry’s design and the overall stability of the custom jewelry.

When To Work With A Jewelry Designer

It would be easy to say that you should work with a jewelry designer whenever you cannot find that perfect piece of jewelry to suit your personal style. However, unless you have a lot of disposable income, this practice does not make much sense.

Some more reasonable occasions to work with a custom jewelry designer are:

  • Creating memorial jewelry
  • In celebration of important milestones met
  • Designing a custom engagement ring or wedding ring set
  • Recreating a jewelry design with your own twist

Approaching the design of your own custom jewelry can be exciting, especially once you know what you can customize on your ring. When you work with skilled custom jewelry designers here at Taylor Custom Rings, you can customize:

  • Ring metal - Whether you love rose gold, platinum, white gold or other precious metals, you can choose the metal setting of your custom ring. You can even use a blend of metals for a contrasting look! 
  • Metal purity - For the rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, you can typically customize the metal purity between 14K - 18K.  
  • Gemstone - You can choose the type of gemstone(s) in your ring, whether you want earth-mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, or other gemstones. We also work with diamond simulants such as moissanite. We can even use a center stone provided by you in your custom ring.
  • Carat - The overall weight of your center and side stones are your choices. It can be difficult to visualize the size of the different gemstone carats, so we can help you determine what is right for your ring. 
  • Cut - From the classic round cut to the more whimsical heart shape cut, you can choose the cut of your ring’s gemstones.
  • Clarity - While we like to recommend diamonds with SI-1 clarity as they are both beautiful and lower cost than diamonds of other clarity, you can choose your own gemstone clarity.
  • Color - Like with the clarity, we tend to recommend H color diamonds. However, also like the clarity of your gemstones, you can specify the color of your gemstones. 
  • Ring design - You can use other ring designs as the base of your ring design or create an entirely new design.

Limitations Of Custom Jewelry Designers

When it comes to crafting custom jewelry, you can nearly customize everything. However, your custom jewelry designer may need to tell you when it isn’t possible to achieve the design you have in mind. The limitations of custom jewelry designers are:

  • Design stability - Some jewelry designs are not stable enough for a good custom jewelry designer to sign off on the proposed design. If there are potential problems with a design but it is stable enough to make the jewelry, our designers will caution you about them and allow you the final say.
  • Budget restrictions - If your proposed custom jewelry design want exceeds your set budget, your custom jewelry designer will inform you. Should you not be interested in increasing your budget, you can work with your designer to make substitutions or alter the design to fit your budget better.
  • Time parameters - Creating custom jewelry takes time. While some custom designers take anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 months. Our custom ring orders generally take 3-4 weeks make. If you need it sooner, our team will do what we can to fulfill your rush order. However, it is best if you give our custom jewelry designers plenty of time to work with you on your custom ring order. 
  • Gemstone availability - Depending on the size, shape, carat, and other factors concerning the gemstones you want in your custom jewelry, it may be difficult to obtain the gemstones you want. This generally isn’t a problem for well-connected jewelry designers like our team but it is important to keep this in mind. 

Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Custom Jewelry Designer

It is important to understand who and what you are committing to before you choose a designer for your custom-made jewelry. Here is a list to ask a custom jewelry designer before you make a monetary commitment. 

  • How much input do I have in the custom jewelry design process?
  • Do you work with conflict-free gemstones, such as lab-grown diamonds?
  • Does your company ship everywhere?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer on your jewelry?
  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • What happens if the final product does not match the design I okayed?

Custom Jewelry Design Process With Our Design Team

Creating a custom piece of jewelry is a unique process every time for our designers but for you, there is a fairly straightforward process to follow. The custom ring design process is as follows:

  1. Dream up your custom ring design.
  2. Fill out our custom ring form with your full name, email, ring description, and budget range. You can also add your phone number.
  3. You receive a detailed price quote after we have discussed the initial design. 
  4. Once you agree to the price, ½ of the cost will need to be paid upfront before we create a digital rendering.
  5. We will send you the digital rendering for review. You have 5 free revisions, after which, each revision costs $50.
  6. After the design is approved, we will fabricate the ring then send it to you.

If the ring does not match the digital rendering, we will remake the ring completely free of charge.

Taylor Custom Rings Custom Jewelry Promise

Working with Jerry and the rest of our custom ring design team here at Taylor Custom Rings can be both exciting and rewarding. We promise that we will help you bring your dream ring to life and we won’t go forward with the ring design until you are happy with it. Also, if you receive your ring and it isn’t what you wanted, we will have your ring remade.

If you are ready to enjoy a high-level of control over your custom jewelry design and work with designers who really care about your creation, contact us today to start your custom ring design.