New dawn Lab-Grown Diamonds

There is some confusion surrounding lab-grown diamonds as to what exactly they are and how these man-made diamonds rank when compared to earth-mined diamonds. Here at Taylor Custom Rings, our experienced gemologists have found that lab-grown diamonds not only have the same chemical makeup of an earth-mined diamond but that lab-grown diamonds are superior in several ways.


What Is A Lab-Grown Diamond

A lab-grown diamond is a diamond grown under controlled circumstances in a laboratory setting. These synthetic diamonds are completely identical to earth-mined diamond, down to the arrangement of their carbon atoms. This means that lab-grown diamonds are as hard, brilliant, and well-cut as any earth-mined diamond, without any of the negative issues which are attached to diamond mining.  

Now, don’t confuse a lab-grown diamond with a diamond simulant. The most well-known diamond stimulants are cubic zirconia (CZ) and moissanite. To the naked eye, these diamond stimulants generally cannot be told apart from lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds. However, our graduate gemologist can discern differences between the stimulants and genuine diamonds. 

Some of the basic differences between these artificially-created diamond stimulants, lab-grown diamonds, and earth-mined diamonds are:

Lab Grown

Mohs Hardness

Per Carat Cost

 VS to SI


Mohs Hardness

Per Carat Cost

Highly variable


Mohs Hardness

Per Carat Cost

VS1 to VS2

Cubic Zirconia

Mohs Hardness
8.0 - 8.50

Per Carat Cost

I to F

Development Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Like their name indicates, lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory setting. A small “seed” diamond is the base for the new lab-grown diamond. This “seed” diamond is put into a chamber to undergo rounds of pressure and heat for six to ten weeks. It is the same process that earth-mined diamonds undergo, without having to wait centuries for the finished product!

After the lab-grown diamonds have grown to the desired size, they go through the same cutting, polishing, and grading process which earth-mined diamonds go through. At the end of this process, the lab-grown diamond is atomically indistinguishable from an earth-mined diamond.

Why People Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds

There are many aspects of lab-grown diamonds which appeal to people. One key aspect is the ability to customize their highly personal jewelry with these versatile diamonds. Our designers understand this and make sure the power to create the perfect ring is placed directly into your hands. By customizing your ideal ring, you can:

Control the price of your dream ring - The price of earth-mined diamonds have soared over the years and until the last decade, the only answer to the sky-high prices were diamond stimulants. Yet, now that gem-quality lab-grown diamonds can be created, you can choose to have brilliant diamonds set into your ring without the price tag that earth-mined diamonds command.


One of our designs, the Lauryn Cushion ring, can have its price dramatically affected depending on whether you choose a lab-grown diamond or an earth-mined diamond. Even if you do not see the option in the drop-down menu of a ring you like, just mention to us that you would like to customize the ring with a lab-grown diamond and we will do our best to accommodate your needs

No distinguishable color difference between diamonds - Subtle differences exists between diamond stimulants and actual diamonds. Moissanites have to be specifically cut to hid its refractive nature and can show hints of gray, yellow, and green under the light. CZ will show yellow and green colors under UV light. However, when it comes to lab-grown diamonds and earth-mined diamonds, these diamonds appear identically, presenting as colorless when in the D-F range and both are yellow in the S-Z color range.    

Lab-grown diamonds are completely conflict-free - As lab-grown diamonds are grown under highly controlled circumstances, you can be sure that there was no human suffering attached to the beautiful stones in your ring. The same cannot be said about earth-mined diamonds. 

While many diamond buyers will no longer accept conflict-diamonds which have been mined by enslaved miners, it is impossible to know exactly where an earth-mined diamond has come from. Earth-mined diamonds often change hands many times before reaching their first conflict-free certification checkpoint.  

Lower your carbon footprint by choosing lab-grown - Along with mitigating the suffering of others, diamond mining operations can be highly damaging. Not only do diamond mines disrupt the soil for hundreds of hectares but if machinery is used, the carbon emissions released during the mining cause pollution to rise and a decrease in the quality of air. Also, for a 1.0-carat earth-mined diamond, it takes approximately 125 gallons of water to remove the diamond. 

As for lab-grown diamonds, the direct land impact for the growth of lab-grown diamonds is the area which the growing facility is located. Unless the facility expands, there will not be the sprawling damage that diamond mining can cause. Also, approximately 4.9 gallons of water are used to produce a 1.0-carat lab-grown diamond. 

What Colors Of Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Available

Earth-mined colored diamond can be incredibly expensive, especially as they rise in clarity and carat size. However, lab-grown colored diamonds are significantly less expensive as labs can add the necessary trace elements to the lab-grown diamond to produce the desired color, rather than relying on nature’s roulette diamond development. Thanks to the lab-grown diamond’s controlled process, you can commonly find lab-diamonds in these colors:

• White/Colorless
• Blue
• Yellow
• Pink

The hues available on these lab-grown diamonds can range from faint hints of color to vivid colored stones.

Taylor Custom Rings Use Lab-Grown Diamonds

Taylor Custom Rings is passionate about helping you create the ring of your dreams and supporting sustainable practices. By using lab-grown diamonds, we have been able to help people design their ideal ring much more affordably than they believed possible and our many customers have expressed their happiness in knowing that there are no negative practices attached to the symbol of their love. 

If you are interested in using a lab-grown diamond in your future ring and working with a dedicated team of master craftsmen, then start your ring design process today!