New Dawn Lab-Grown Diamonds



Lab grown diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds and can only be distinguished in a gemological laboratory. We have partnered with New Dawn Diamonds to bring you the best quality lab grown diamonds at a price that is about 30% less than mined diamonds. What is the difference between a man-made lab grown and a mined diamond? The answer is simple. A lab grown diamond is optically, physically and chemically the same as a mined diamond. The only difference is the gem’s birthplace or origin. 


Why New Dawn Diamonds?


The diamond mining process means massive amounts of energy is required to move millions of tons of earth each year. The laboratories that grow New Dawn Diamonds use a minimal amount of energy and have almost no emissions or pollutant bi-products. All of New Dawn Diamonds’ laboratories are certified to be environmental friendly, free from political conflict and never use child labor.


New Dawn Diamonds believes in complete transparency for all the diamonds and has each diamond certified by an internationally recognized gemological grading laboratory. A grading report comes with each diamond and it's identification number is engraved on the diamonds girdle.


New Dawn Diamonds fully guarantees all product quality and lab grown authenticity. They further guarantee the lab grown diamonds to be conflict-free from illegal trade and labor practices through a complete chain of custody verification. You can input your diamonds identification number to see it's chain of custody. 


New Dawn Lab Grown Diamonds is proud to support Kiva, a global non-profit organization that helps low income women in over 80 countries secure micro-loans and create better futures for themselves. Not only do you get amazing value when you purchase a lab grown diamond, but you also are supporting a life-changing cause.