Current Engagement Ring Trends: Don’t Miss the Top Seven

This year has brought several new engagement ring trends to the forefront. From Toi et Moi styles to bigger, bolder center diamonds, learn which current engagement ring trends are sticking around, which are on their way out, and which are just starting to pick up steam.

Elongated antique cushion engagement ring on a hand

Bigger (Lab-Grown) Diamonds

The biggest trend of the year has definitely been bigger diamonds. Dainty center stones seem to be on their way out, especially now that consumers are aware that they can get a bigger, nicer diamond for the same price if they opt for a lab-grown diamond. For even more flexibility in size, colorless moissanite presents an excellent alternative that will stand the test of time. Of all the current engagement ring trends we’ve observed this year, this seems to be the most universal. If you’ve always wanted a big rock on your finger, now is the time!

Custom Engagement Rings

One of the latest trends in engagement rings is going custom. Bespoke rings have enjoyed top-trend status for several years now, but the concept isn't going anywhere. With options for custom-design services, a couple can personalize their rings and layer their future heirlooms with even deeper symbolism and story. Of all the current engagement ring trends, this is one we have been having the most fun with! From colored gemstone rings to heirloom reworks to custom-cut diamond creations, we’ve brought so many unique engagement rings to life for our creative and thoughtful customers.

Three emerald-cut diamond engagement rings with flowers in the background

Elongated Diamonds

Newly popular diamond shapes rank high among current engagement ring trends. While round diamonds are the OG diamond shape and won't be disappearing any time soon, elongated fancy cuts like ovals, emeralds, radiants, and elongated cushions have been gaining in popularity for some time now. Ovals have held strong this year, but emeralds and radiants are also stealing more attention. Elongated shapes have a gorgeous, flattering effect on the finger, making them a tempting choice.

Platinum and White Gold

Another of the latest trends in engagement rings is a return to platinum and white gold. These silvery white metals have had a recent comeback, taking much of the attention that has been directed toward rose gold over recent years and catching up to yellow gold. Platinum and white gold are a current engagement ring trend that was predictable, if not inevitable. There have been extended periods in the past when they reigned supreme. People are loving the monochromatic look that these metals produce when paired with diamonds. Plus, platinum offers the additional benefits of being more durable and allergy friendly than gold.

Oval Engagement ring with two v-shaped wedding bands on a hand


One of the most delightful current engagement ring trends is simply refusing to stop at a single ring! With wedding sets and stacks, a solitaire or other minimal style can go from simple to fully blinged out and personalized. With so many straight and contour wedding bands to choose from, there is an almost endless number of combinations that can be achieved. Stacking becomes even more fun when you realize that you can switch things up day-to-day, depending on your mood and the occasion. The latest trends in engagement rings and wedding bands include combining diamond bands with metal-forward styles, stacking different sizes and styles of diamond wedding bands, and incorporating unique contour bands to add personality and flair to your stack. We’re always happy to help you find the perfect wedding band or build your dream stack!

Hand wearing pear- and emerald-cut diamond ring

Toi et Moi Rings

A round up of current engagement ring trends would be incomplete without mentioning the star of the year: Toi et Moi rings. Toi et Moi is French for you and me, which is probably enough to tell you why this concept has made a major comeback! What could be sweeter than the symbolism of two diamonds representing the two individuals in a couple coming together in a beautiful union? To make the style even more versatile, you can pair a diamond with a colored gemstone or even choose two colored gemstones to complement each other. We have three different Toi et Moi style rings: La Grande Toi et Moi, the Toi et Moi Bypass Ring, and Petite Toi et Moi, each of which can be fully customized to fit your preferences and personality.

Bonus Trend: Follow Your Heart

The best of the latest trends in engagement rings to come out of recent years is the space to do what you want with your ring. Modern couples often choose to bypass prescribed styles and outdated traditions in favor of fresh takes and personal touches. More and more people are setting aside the expectations of others for what feels right to them, and we think that’s a beautiful thing! If you take only one thing from this list of current engagement ring trends, let this be the one! If it feels right to you, throw traditions and trends out the window and see where your heart takes you. Have a unique vision you’d like to make a reality? Reach out to our team–we’d love to help!