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We founded Taylor Custom Rings in 2015

With the goal of designing and creating earth-friendly, stunning engagement rings and jewelry our clients will be thrilled to wear for the rest of their lives.

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Quality is Handcrafted

We handcraft every ring with uncompromising attention to detail and decades of experience as jewelers. We choose only the highest quality materials and quality check throughout the process.

Our Team's Favorite Designs

"This ring was so fun to design because it was a collaboration with Jerry and we really took our time. From the delicate bezel to the subtle pinch and flare to the half-moon profile—each detail is intentional, and I think you can feel our synergy in the finished piece."

Ashley T.

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The Darby Ring

"When Ashley and I first started Taylor Custom Rings, we were sitting at the desk in our home office and Ashley started sketching. After a while she scooted her paper across the desk and I instantly fell in love. It was her first design and it was perfect. Darby has all the symbolism of a classic three stone ring, but somehow incorporates bezels and baguettes with rounds on the corners for just enough extra pop to make it really special."


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The Sojourner Ring

"I love the visual connection between this ring and a compass. I also love the elegant double halo, and the positive environmental impact that comes with using recycled gold and lab grown diamonds."


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The Maya Ring

"When it comes to engagement rings, bigger is better! I love that the Maya features a simple, dainty band and a striking center stone. With the Maya, the center stone is everything!"


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The Serena Ring (Round)

"I personally love Round Serena. I love how the double prongs in the four corners hold the center stone symmetrically, which doesn’t happen with the oval. Sometimes they remind me of kitty claws. The combination of the cute prongs and the classic solitaire makes this ring uniquely pretty and classy. That’s why I love this ring most. :)"


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The Victoria Ring

"I love the simple elegance of the thin band with the little bit of glam the pavé work adds. The delicate diamonds in the prongs are just amazing and a fun little surprise. I’m also a sucker for hidden halos, which this ring features. It’s thin, it’s delicate, it shows off the center stone—just gorgeous!"

Ashley B.

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