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Choose your band

Choose your stone, or bring your own



A beautiful, heirloom-quality lab-grown stone discovered in 1893. Moissanite is cut and polished to mimic the sparkle of a diamond at a lower cost.

Lab-grown Diamond

100% real diamonds formed above ground instead of in the earth: just as gorgeous, hard, and shimmery as natural diamonds and with the exact same scientific properties, with none of the negative impacts of mining.

Created gemstones

We offer mine-free sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and more, grown in a lab with the same properties as their mined cousins. Just as stunning, and easier on the earth.

Choose your Carat

The carat of your stone is a measurement of how much the stone weighs. Typically as carat weight increases, so does the size of the stone.

Looking for the biggest stone for your budget? Lab grown diamonds aren't just better for the earth, they also allow you to get a bigger diamond for the same price! You may also want to consider moissanite and created gemstones, which are exquisite gemstones that can be produced at a lower cost than diamonds.

Choose your Style

Now comes the most creative part: choosing your ring style! There are a ton of options, and below are some of the most popular ring and band styles. We love working with our clients to create the ring of their dreams, and no idea is too wild for our designers.



This style of ring is as simple as it is gorgeous. It features a single stone in a minimal setting. A stunning choice for all budgets.

Three Stone

A perfectly balanced style with a main center stone and two smaller stones on either side. A lab-grown diamond or moissanite center stone with two gemstones on the side looks beautiful in this style.


A unique design, cluster rings feature an assortment of stones in different shapes, like a constellation. This style is equally alluring with stones of a single type, or a combination of colorful gemstones.



Pavé refers to the band style, set with stones all the way around - literally paved with diamonds! This band style can be combined with nearly any center stone setting, shown here with a solitaire stone.


Engraving isn't just for a message on the inside of the band (although we can do that too!): rather, this style refers to a band with metal and stone settings that look like writing.


The classic style is dazzling! Smaller stones ring a center stone in almost any shape: from pear to round to cushion or emerald cut. Combine with a pavé band, as shown here, for a timeless look.


Straight Band

This elegant style makes an understated engagement ring or a lovely wedding ring. Small stones line the band, going partway or all the way around the band.

Contour Band

This style refers to shaping the ring band, such as to add a partial halo of smaller stones around a larger setting, as shown here.


A classic style with timeless elegance, this style features baguette-shaped stones patterned around a main center stone. Varying the pattern, as seen here, evokes a vintage-inspired art deco feel.

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