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Have you always wanted to design your own engagement ring? Whether you would like to personalize one of our styles or bring your own unique vision to life, our talented designers can help you build your own engagement ring—exactly how you want it.

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An heirloom-quality lab-grown gem first discovered in a meteorite crater in 1893. (Read: from a shooting star!) Moissanite is cut and polished to mimic the sparkle of a diamond at a lower cost—a great choice if you’re looking to design your own engagement ring with the most sparkle for your budget.

Lab-grown Diamond

100% real diamonds formed above ground instead of in the earth: just as gorgeous as mined diamonds and with the exact same chemical, physical, and optical properties, but none of the negative impacts of mining. Kinder to the earth and other humans, without sacrificing anything.

Created gemstones

Mine-free gems in every color of the rainbow! Sapphire, emerald, ruby, alexandrite, spinel, and opal, with the same properties as their mined counterparts. Just as stunning and easier on the earth, these gemstones are perfect if you want to build your own engagement ring with vibrant colors.

How Many Carats?

Carats are a measurement of how much your diamond or gemstone weighs. Typically, as carat weight increases, so does the size of the gem. As you design your own engagement ring, consider whether you prefer something subtle, extravagant, or in between.

Looking for the biggest stone for your budget? Lab-grown diamonds aren't just better for the earth, they also allow you to get a bigger, nicer diamond for the same price! Moissanite and created gemstones can also be fantastic options for creating a bigger look!

Style Guide

Now comes the most creative part: choosing the style of your custom-designed engagement ring! There are so many options! Below are some of the most popular ring and band styles. Your personality can shine through as you design your own engagement ring! We love working with our clients to create the ring of their dreams, and no inspiration is too wild for our talented designers.


This classic style is as simple as it is gorgeous! It features a single diamond or gem in a minimal setting. A stunning choice that accentuates the beauty of the center stone, this style is timeless, elegant, and refined. Wear it alone for a minimalist look or stack it with wedding bands for a versatile, dynamic set.

Three Stone

The three-stone ring is a symmetrical style with a center diamond or gemstone and an accent diamond on either side. This style has special symbolism–the three stones represent the past, present, and future. Play with different size and shape combinations to make this style your own!


A unique way to design your own engagement ring, cluster rings feature an assortment of gems of different shapes and/or sizes, like a constellation. Cluster rings can be minimal or statement-making. This style is equally alluring in diamonds or with a combination of colorful gems!


Pavé rings have a diamond-lined band style. You can build your own engagement ring that’s literally paved with diamonds! This feature can be combined with nearly any setting to up the sparkle factor! The Grace ring and the Aurora ring are two examples of pavé styles in our collection.


Engraving isn't just for a message on the inside of the band. (Although we can do that too!) It refers to designs etched into the metal of the ring, bringing vintage-style flair to the design. Kathleen and Sabrina feature engravings. Engravings can make your custom ring even more unique.


A halo style encircles the center stone with diamonds, adding sparkle and making the center diamond appear larger. A halo can be added to any shape of center: from pear to round to oval. You can also design your own halo engagement ring with a pavé band, as shown here, for even more sparkle!

Straight Band

This classic style can be all gold or set with diamonds. (We like to leave a little space at the back for future resizing!) If you want a straight band to sit flush with your engagement ring, make sure to tell your designer upfront! Stack multiple bands of different styles to further customize your look!

Contour Band

After you design your own engagement ring, you can add a contour band that traces around the diamonds of the ring. Contour bands can be curved or v-shaped, simple or elaborate. This style works best with an engagement ring that has a basket holding the center diamond.


An art deco style that’s made a contemporary comeback, ballerina rings are heavy on halos, baguettes, and other vintage details. This style is designed to mimic the flow of a twirling tutu. You can see this influence in our Kortni, Sojourner, and Soleil rings, as well as our Sunburst wedding band.

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