The Soleil Ring in yellow gold modeled on a hand

Unique Engagement Rings

Express yourself with one of our unique engagement rings or custom engagement rings! Your story is anything but cookie-cutter—your engagement ring should be unique, too! Let it celebrate your loudness, your quirkiness, your creativity, or your utter refusal to fit the mold. Explore unique, bespoke engagement rings that reflect your personality and your one-of-a-kind love.

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    Distinctive Designs + Exceptional Artistry

    We let nature, art, and decades of design inspire us as we imagine our engagement rings. Whatever inspires you, we hope you’ll find the perfect piece in our collection of unique engagement rings. For custom rings, let us collaborate with you to create something wholly inspired by you.

    Ethical, Mine-Free Diamonds, and Gems

    Naturally, you want to feel good about your ring’s origin. When we founded Taylor Custom Rings, we wanted to create unique diamond engagement rings that align with our values and yours. That’s why we use recycled precious metals and mine-free diamonds and gemstones. They have the exact same chemical composition (and beauty) as their mined counterparts but without the problematic humanitarian and environmental impact of mining. The lab-grown diamonds and gemstones in our unique engagement rings (and custom engagement ring collections!) are also less costly, so you can get more shine for your dime! Our jewelry features only the finest lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and created gemstones. Each gem is carefully selected for its exceptional color, cut, and clarity.

    Better Heirlooms

    By choosing a ring that requires no new mining, you’re making the world a better place now and in the future. Each of our collection rings and unique bespoke engagement rings is a future heirloom to cherish—a tangible representation of not only romantic love but also mindfulness, kindness, and hope for the future. Explore all of our stunning engagement rings and wedding bands!