Introducing a new era of elegance and responsibility in fine jewelry – our collection of lab-created diamond necklaces. Meticulously crafted through cutting-edge technology, these necklaces exude the same mesmerizing brilliance, fire, and beauty as their mined counterparts. Many of our necklace designs are inspired by our lab-created diamond engagement rings and go beautifully together.

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    Diverse Designs

    Discover an array of stunning necklaces that cater to different tastes and preferences. From classic solitaire lab-grown diamond pendants to intricate cluster designs, there's a style for every person.

    For a simple yet stunning accessory, check out the Diamond Bezel Necklace, perfect for layering or wearing alone. Its classic simplicity is perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. For an eye-catching statement piece in our collection of lab-grown diamond necklaces, the Toi Et Moi Padparadscha And Peachy-Pink Sapphire Necklace is an obvious choice. The complementary shades of pink flatter any skin tone, and the two contrasting stones come together in one necklace to represent “you and me.”

    Brilliance of Lab-Grown Diamonds

    At Taylor Custom Rings, we are committed to 100% real diamonds that are made above ground in a lab rather than mined from the earth using harmful processes. The only difference between a diamond mined from the earth and one grown in a lab is where it comes from. All of our lab-grown diamond pendants are made with these brilliant mine-free diamonds.

    Because they have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties, the diamonds in your lab-grown diamond necklace will maintain the same integrity and sparkle as mined diamonds would. But even better—you can be at peace knowing that yours is mine free and ethically sourced.

    Customization Options

    All of our necklaces are customizable with several options of recycled metals like 14k rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. For a less-expensive option, you can customize your necklace with a moissanite gemstone rather than a lab-grown diamond.

    Come See For Yourself!

    Come visit our showroom to see our specially-designed lab-grown diamond necklaces for yourself. Try them on, find your style, and ask our expert jewelers any questions you might have. For an online visit, book a consultation on our homepage to talk with a specialist who can help you find the perfect necklace or pendant to add to your collection.