The Stevie Ring (Round) in white gold stacked with the Lexington Wedding Band in white gold modeled on a hand

Round Cut Engagement Rings

Round-Cut Diamond & Moissanite Engagement Rings

A round-cut diamond ring is as classic and timeless as a good, old-fashioned love story – think Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy; Anna Scott and William Thacker; Elio and Oliver – all swoon-worthy loves that are as canonical as the round-cut diamond ring. The kaleidoscope center of a round brilliant-cut diamond contains countless colors and consistently interesting shapes. While the round cut is one of the most traditional diamond shapes, it is also one of the most dazzling.

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    The Original Brilliant Cut

    For decades, the round brilliant-cut diamond ring was the most popular cut amongst engaged couples–and it still remains one of the most desired shapes for a reason. Dozens of balanced cuts create the brilliance and light that are sought after in the round-cut diamond engagement ring and round moissanite engagement ring.

    The round brilliant-cut diamond wasn’t made accessible until 1919, when Marcel Tolowsky, an engineer and diamond cutter, used a mathematical formula to create the perfect, proportional brilliant-cut diamond. Its 58 facets combine to make a round diamond that dances in the light with exceptional fire and scintillation, sparkling so intensely that it can be hard to look away.

    Made for You

    At Taylor Custom Rings, we’re conscious of our client’s individual needs, which is why we provide many options in the round-cut diamond engagement rings category. In addition to our lab-grown diamond rings, we also carry round moissanite engagement rings that exhibit exceptional radiance at an accessible price point. We offer round solitaires, vintage styles, halo rings, and so many more. Some of our more popular round-cut diamond rings are the Cate, the Isla, and the Stevie.

    To learn more about round-cut engagement rings or to start a custom design, don’t hesitate to reach out to our jewelry specialists by phone or email or book a consultation for help creating your ideal ring or stack. Browse the round collection, and you’ll be one step closer to your dream engagement ring!