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What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds formed above ground instead of in the earth. Scientists use pure carbon seed crystals placed in high-tech growth chambers that recreate the conditions which diamonds form in nature. Carbon slowly deposits onto the seed crystal in these chambers and over time, form a rough diamond crystal. Those crystals are then cut and polished in the exact same way that diamond rough mined from the earth is. The only difference between a diamond mined from the earth and one grown in a lab is its origin. Because they have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties, your lab grown diamond from Taylor Custom Rings will look and hold up exactly the same as a diamond mined from the earth. And you can feel great knowing it's a mine-free diamond!

Why we love grown diamonds


Lab grown diamonds are created by scientists above the ground, completely eliminating the negative environmental effects of diamond mining.


Lab grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds that are the same chemically, physically, and optically to their mined couterparts.


Lab grown diamonds are 30-40% less than mined diamonds of the same quality which means you can get a bigger, nicer diamond with the same budget.

How are grown diamonds graded?

Mine-free diamonds are graded exactly the same and diamonds that are mined from the earth. Each of our lab grown diamond center stones come with a third party grading report from either IGI or GCAL and even include a laser inscribed serial number that acts as your diamond's fingerprint. Below is an outline of the 4c's and how each important quality factor is graded.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite was first discovered in a meteor crater by the French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893. That's right, Moissanite's origins are from outer space! This new material was later identified as silicon carbide and is now grown in a lab and then cut and polished to mimic the sparkle of a diamond. At a fraction of the cost, Moissanite is a great alternative to diamond if your budget doesn't allow for the size of diamond that you want. It is a 9.25 on Moh's hardness scale which means you won't ever have to replace your Moissanite and can even pass it down from generation to generation.  

Why we love moissanite


Moissanite is the best diamond alternative because of it's striking beauty and low cost relative to a diamond of the same size.


Moissanite is a 9.25 on moh's scale making it an heirloom gemstone suitable to pass down from generation to generation.


Moissanite is a lab-grown gemstone void of the negative environmental impacts that mining has on the earth.