Everything You Need to Know About Resizing Rings

You’ve probably held your partner’s hand hundreds of times. You know what their hands look like, you’ve seen the size and shape of them, and you think you can make a pretty good guess about their ring size. And yet…it’s not always that simple. It’s easy to get the wrong ring size when buying an engagement ring for your partner; luckily, there are many easy ways to go about resizing rings. 

In this article, we’ve got all the tips you need to know about how to get a ring resized for a perfect fit.

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Try to Get as Close as You Can to the Right Size 

This might go without saying, but getting rings resized is much easier if you’re as close to the right ring size as possible in the first place. If you’re a quarter or a half size off from the correct size, it’s simpler to resize than if you’re off by a full size or more. Still, we know it’s not always possible to get the correct size on the first try. In addition, our fingers can change size over time. That’s okay! We’ve got more info for you about resizing rings below.

For some tips on how to find out your partner’s ring size without them knowing, see our blog post on the topic. We’ve got you covered!

How Should a Ring Fit?

An engagement ring should fit comfortably like any of your other rings. It should slide onto your finger easily and catch a bit on your knuckle on the way off. You don’t want it to be too tight and difficult to remove, but you also don’t want it to be so loose that it can easily slide off your finger while going about your day. Your ring will be a little looser when the weather is cold and fit more snugly when it’s hot. If they aren’t a perfect fit, resizing your rings can help you achieve a more comfortable fit. Test how your ring slides over your knuckle–do you have to pry it off, or does it come off easily with a slight amount of pressure? If it’s a struggle to remove or put on, or if it’s too big, you’ll need to know how to get a ring resized.

How Does Resizing Work?

Depending on the jeweler, different methods for resizing rings are available. There are two main methods that jewelers typically use when resizing engagement rings. 

If your engagement ring is too big, the jeweler will cut out a part of the band, then solder it back together, smooth it out, and polish it. Don’t worry–in the majority of cases, once they’re finished with it, it’ll look like it’s brand new! The simpler the band is, the easier this process will be. Resizing rings doesn’t have to be a stressful experience!

If your engagement ring is too small, the process is a bit more complicated. If it’s a half-size too small or less, then there’s a possibility the jeweler can stretch the metal to make it bigger. If it needs to be more than a half-size larger, the jeweler will cut the ring, add some metal to it, solder it, smooth it, and polish it.

Having your ring resized can put stress on the accent diamonds, so don’t be surprised if you lose a pavé diamond after having your ring resized. Our warranty covers the replacement of accent diamonds for two years, so there’s no need to fret–should this happen, we’ll fix it for you!

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How Long Does Resizing Rings Take? 

Figuring out how to get a ring resized is the first step, and ideally, it won’t take too long to find a jeweler you want to work with. Most people contact their original jeweler and work through them, although if they aren’t nearby it can be beneficial to find a local jeweler you trust to help out with maintenance. Typically, getting a ring resized only takes one or two weeks, depending on the complexity of the ring. If it’s a minor fix, it may be even quicker.

Complimentary Ring Resize Through Taylor Custom Rings

At Taylor Custom Rings, we offer one complimentary ring resizing if the ring needs to be adjusted after ordering or within two years of purchase. We understand that this is a common need, and we want to make the process of resizing rings as smooth as possible. Here’s how to get a ring resized through Taylor Custom Rings. First, let us know that you need a resize by filling out our service request form, and then we will send you a repair slip and shipping instructions to get the ring back to us safely. Resizing the ring is free; we just ask that you pay for shipping the ring to us! We’ll resize your ring and send it back to you via FedEx (signature required).

Certain Rings May Need to be Remade

Some ring styles are very intricate, and resizing may not be possible without damaging and altering the design. Resizing rings can place stress on them, which isn’t ideal. Certain designs may have to be remade instead of resized; this can also be necessary when a ring is a full size or more off from the size you want, or in the case of eternity bands. In cases like this, we charge our cost to remake the ring, which varies depending on the design. If you’re wondering if your favorite design is easily resized, just ask!

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Get Your Own Ring Sizer

On our website, we offer a metal ring sizer that can be purchased to measure your ring size so that you don’t have to go through the process of resizing rings. This tool is much more accurate than plastic sizers or other methods. Getting the right size right off the bat will save you time and hassle in the long run–and spare you from being separated from your ring! 

Now that you know how to get a ring resized, go forward with confidence, knowing that even if you don’t get your partner’s ring size exactly right, you can most likely get it fixed through a low-stress, simple process. Browse our engagement ring collection for inspiration today!