How to Propose: Your Ultimate Guide on How to Plan a Perfect Proposal

Planning a proposal can feel stressful and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to. We have 4 great tips for proposal success to help you plan the perfect, personalized moment. Prepare to create a core memory with your significant other and begin your engagement on a meaningful note.

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How to Propose

If you’re visiting this page, it’s likely that you’ve been wracking your brain trying to think about the best way to propose to the person you love. It’s a great sign that you’re putting so much thought into it because this shows that you really care. For many people, this moment is one that they’ve thought about for years, maybe even decades! While this does increase the pressure when planning how to propose, it’s important to remember that you know this person well enough to know how to plan a proposal that will be perfect for them with a ring that is perfect for them, too. Below are four tips for proposals that will help you achieve your ideal, memorable moment!

1- Find the Perfect Ring

One important part of proposing is having the right engagement ring. A proposal is an act of commitment and love between you and your significant other, and your engagement ring is a symbol of that commitment. In the preliminary stages, before thinking about how to propose, discuss with your partner the styles that they prefer when it comes to engagement rings. Do they like solitaires? Vintage-style? Classic style? Knowing what they like is one of our most important tips for a proposal.

2- Know Your Partner – Put Yourself in Their Shoes

When it comes to proposing, make sure that you know your partner and their preferences. Ask them subtle questions to get to know what they really like. This goes for the style of proposal they’ll like and their dream ring. It can be easy to look at the movies and at TV shows to see all types of proposals that might seem great, but are these things that your partner would actually like and appreciate? Everyone has their preferences, and it’s important that you understand what your partner’s expectations might be. 

Try not to be too obvious that you’re thinking about how to propose when you’re asking questions! Try things like, “How did you feel when you had to stand up in front of the class and present when you were a kid?” or “What was your most memorable birthday party to date?” This might give you clues as to whether they like the spotlight or if they might enjoy a more intimate and private proposal.

3- Decide Between a Grand Gesture or a Simple One

Another important tip for a proposal is to decide between a grand gesture or a simple gesture–or maybe you want to go for something in between. Some people love a grand gesture, while others prefer a private, simple moment. Some ideas for how to propose with a grand gesture might be: 

  • Spelling out their name in rose petals or stones on a beach, pathway, or bedroom floor
  • Arrange to have family and/or friends be a part of the proposal in some way
  • Set up a romantic scene in a restaurant with candles and flowers
  • Take them on a helicopter or airplane ride to a special lookout

There are no right or wrong answers when thinking about how to propose! There’s only what is right for the two of you.

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Some ideas for how to plan a proposal that is simple yet meaningful:

  • Take a drive to a spot that is significant to both of you
  • Build a fort and watch a movie
  • Tell them why you love them and why you want to marry them, and then ask them while lying in bed or eating dinner at home
  • Write them a heartfelt note or letter and propose after they’ve read it
  • Go stargazing

When deciding how to propose, consider whether a spectacle or a quiet moment will make the most impact. 

4- Include Personal Elements

Be sure to include personal touches in each part of the proposal. Here’s a list of ways you can personalize the moment: 

  • Include photographs of the two of you together
  • Go to their favorite restaurant or cook their favorite meal
  • Propose in a place that is meaningful for them
  • Buy them their favorite flowers
  • Give them the gift of your words by writing about memories and jokes you have together
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While you’re deciding how to propose, we hope you consider making Taylor Custom Rings a part of your engagement story. We love working with couples to find or create the perfect symbol of their love in the form of an engagement ring and wedding band. Now that you feel like you know your partner’s preferences and how to plan a proposal, go execute your vision, and if you choose a Taylor Custom Ring, make sure to tag us @taylorcustomrings in your photos–we can’t wait to see!