The Pros and Cons of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Are lab-grown diamonds the more ethical option? Learn more about the value, quality, and social impact of lab-grown diamonds in this article.

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Pros and Cons of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Purchasing a diamond is a big deal. We know this, so we aim to provide our clients with as much education as possible in the process of finding their perfect diamond ring. Below, you’ll find the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds, the benefits of buying lab-grown diamonds, and what you’re getting when you buy lab-grown diamonds. Find answers to some of the most common questions we get. Are lab-grown diamonds more ethical? Are lab-grown diamonds real? Are lab-grown diamonds less expensive? Are lab-grown diamonds better for the planet? We answer these questions in more depth below, so take the first step on your journey to a bigger, better, and brighter diamond.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are More Ethical

Lab-grown diamonds are ethically produced and sourced above ground, providing all the benefits of a real diamond without the problematic ethics that come with mining diamonds. Where mined diamonds lead to exploitative labor, displacement of communities, and environmental devastation, our lab-grown diamonds are responsibly created in controlled environments using advanced technology. This technology duplicates the conditions under which natural diamonds are made, making them equivalent to natural diamonds in their makeup. So, when you find yourself considering the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds and wondering, are lab-grown diamonds more ethical? You can rest easy knowing that with Taylor Custom Rings, the answer is yes.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Real Diamonds

Compositionally, lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are the exact same in terms of physical, chemical, and visual properties. They are also graded on the exact same scale. Each diamond (lab-grown and mined) has its own potential for blemishes and inclusions, but these likelihoods don’t change based on their origin. It is impossible to distinguish a lab-grown diamond from a natural diamond, which is why they are typically laser inscribed with their origin and a traceable certificate number for transparency. When considering the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds, some would say that lab-grown diamonds are actually better quality than natural diamonds because they are grown in a controlled environment where they develop fewer mineral inclusions, and the shape of the rough can also be optimized for a better cut, giving the diamond a brighter sparkle. Taylor Custom Rings’ diamonds are of the absolute highest quality and are professionally certified by IGI, GCAL, or GIA. Not only are lab-grown diamonds more ethical, but they are also of equal or better quality than a mined diamond.


Lab-Grown Diamonds Are More Cost-Effective

One thing that should be noted in the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds is the fact that they are more cost-effective. Lab-grown diamonds typically cost 50-70% less than mined diamonds of the same quality. (The bigger the diamond, the bigger the price difference.) This means that you can get a bigger, better quality diamond with the same budget when you’re shopping for lab-grown diamonds vs. when you’re shopping for mined diamonds. One potential “con” of lab-grown diamonds is their lower resale value. Important to note is the fact that all diamonds tend to decrease in value over time (note: this is not exclusive to lab-grown diamonds). The idea of buying jewelry as an investment has never been the most sound financial advice, though it has been a popular talking point for many salespeople. Saving money upfront with a lab-grown diamond is a much better bet than counting on your jewelry to make you a financial return. What your diamond can do is be a tangible symbol imbued with your own story, meaning, and love. Lab-grown diamonds are the best value in terms of size, quality, and social responsibility – more to add to the list of pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds.

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Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Better for The Planet Than Mined Diamonds

When it comes to caring for the planet, are lab-grown diamonds more ethical than mined diamonds? The simple answer is yes. Lab-grown diamonds are created by scientists above the ground, drastically reducing the negative environmental effects of diamond mining. While electricity is required to grow lab-grown diamonds, some growers even go a step further, using renewable energy like solar to create the extraordinary conditions that diamonds need to grow. On the other hand, diamond mining has caused entire ecosystems to collapse, land to erode, water to become contaminated, and communities to be displaced. One of the most prominent points in the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds is the fact that lab-grown diamonds don’t rely on the exploitation of the Earth. 

At Taylor Custom Rings, we stand by our values, two of which are to protect the Earth and care for our communities. We do this by continually striving for greater sustainability in all of our processes and by doing what we can to make the Earth a better place for all people. We do our part by choosing not to participate in the harmful diamond mining industry and by opting to create our pieces with lab-grown diamonds. We hope that after reviewing the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds, you come to the conclusion that the better option for both you and the planet is purchasing a lab-grown diamond. We are here to help you choose the perfect one.


A Diamond Is a Diamond, No Matter Its Beginning

The origin of a diamond does not change its makeup–a diamond is a diamond, no matter where it comes from. Still, there are many benefits to purchasing a lab-grown diamond over a mined diamond. In summary, a few of these benefits include: 

  • Lab-grown diamonds are a more cost-effective option. 
  • You can get a bigger, brighter, better quality diamond for the same price.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are more ethical.
  • No mining is required to produce lab-grown diamonds, making them easier on the Earth.
  • People, animals, and habitats were not harmed or exploited in the sourcing of your diamond.

Now that you know more about the pros and cons of lab-grown diamonds, book a consultation at Taylor Custom Rings to find your ideal, socially-conscious diamond ring.