Classic Chic

Your style is classy, clean, and timeless. Why mess with perfection? Our modern, classic engagement rings are the perfect choice for those seeking a ring that effortlessly spans the ages. You might consider classic diamond engagement rings with a round or oval diamond or up the sparkle factor with a halo, side diamonds, or pavé band. These trend-proof designs will never go out of style!

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    Forever Chic

    We offer plenty of unique engagement rings, but many are drawn to the simplicity of classic styles. While perusing our designs, you will find decades-old styles, each with a decidedly modern slant. Clean lines and curved shapes characterize these works of art. Our classic diamond engagement rings showcase only mine-free diamonds and gems that meet our high standards for cut, color, and clarity. Whether your style is delicate or extravagant, there is room for you in the classics club!!

    Recycled Precious Metals + Mine-Free Diamonds

    We create our modern classics using recycled precious metals and ethical, lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and created gemstones so you can confidently wear your ring and pass it down to the next generation. Each diamond and gemstone possesses the exact same chemical composition and beauty as its mined counterpart but honors the earth and those who live on it with a much lighter footprint.

    Fall in Love with Your Ring

    When you order any of our classic diamond engagement rings, you can rest easy knowing that you’re investing in an heirloom to be cherished forever. If you’d like to make changes to any of our engagement rings or design a custom ring all your own, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Explore our collection of modern classic engagement rings to find the one that tells your story, celebrates your journey, and symbolizes a lifetime of love.