The Sophia Ring (Round) in white gold stacked with the Nova wedding band in white gold modeled on a hand

Engagement Rings Under $3,000

No matter your style, our collection of engagement rings under $3,000 has something for you! Graced with ample solitaires, bold modern pieces, and delicate vintage-inspired designs, this collection leaves nothing wanting. So dive in, have fun, and just reach out if you need help deciding which $3,000 engagement ring suits you best!

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    Our Most Popular Designs

    Many of our most popular engagement rings cost under $3,000. We are happy to make our best-loved designs more attainable, using heirloom-quality and eco-innovative lab-grown diamonds and colorless moissanite. With these stunning and ethical gems, you can get the look you want without the social and environmental costs.

    Why Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds & Gems?

    Lab-grown diamonds have the exact same chemical composition and optical properties as mined diamonds but without the negative social and environmental impact of mining. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to regular diamonds but with better origins! Typical mined diamond rings for $3,000 will be small, and low-quality, but with a real lab-grown diamond, a $3,000 engagement ring can be stunning in carat weight, color, cut, and clarity. Don’t skimp on size, quality, and sustainability by falling into the trap of purchasing a mined diamond. Instead, feel good knowing that you're choosing to buy an ethical heirloom that can be passed down for generations. 

    Our Priority is You

    We love helping you find the perfect engagement ring to tell your love story and honor your values. We are happy to personally help you through every step of the selection process to ensure you’re 100% thrilled with your choice. As you’re browsing our engagement rings under $3,000, just reach out if you’d like to speak with one of our stylists. And after you make your purchase, remember that we offer one free resizing, a 2-year warranty, and free 2-day shipping. Want to hear some of our customers’ experiences? Check out a few of our 5-star ratings online and heartfelt testimonials to get more perspectives.