The Stevie Ring (Marquise) in yellow gold stacked with the Astra wedding band in yellow gold modeled on a hand with the Criss-Cross ring in yellow gold

Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Marquise cut diamond engagement rings feature a diamond shape that originated in the 18th century and was lauded as a romantic and regal cut for the time period. It remains a favorite cut for its distinctive shape, and at Taylor Custom Rings, we’ve perfected our application of this hundreds-of-years-old style.

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    Distinct Designs

    Our lab-created marquise diamond rings are versatile for every look, occasion, and special event. Customize yours with a decorative band or a simple one—either way, the focus will be on the center stone.

    Our diamonds are lab-grown; this means that while we pull inspiration from the past, we make sure that our current processes are modern and ethical.

    Flattering Cut

    One of the most captivating features of marquise cut diamond engagement rings is their ability to create the illusion of a larger size due to their elongated proportions. This makes them a popular choice for individuals seeking a visually striking and impactful centerpiece. The marquise lab diamond ring’s unique length-to-width ratio offers an elongating or contouring effect on the finger, making hands look even more slender and graceful.

    Facets & Light

    The 58 facets on a lab-created marquise diamond ring are carefully created to optimize brilliance and fire. When light enters the diamond, it bounces off these facets, creating a mesmerizing display of color flashes and scintillation. This dynamic play of light, combined with the diamond's elongated shape, ensures that marquise cut engagement rings are particularly eye-catching.

    Marquise Settings

    The right setting will make a marquise shine. Because of its pointed ends, a marquise diamond needs a setting that will protect it and keep it secure. We offer the cozy bezel setting, which keeps the stone protected with a border of gold or platinum. Our other option is a prong setting, more delicate, but still safe, since the prongs cover each point.

    Meet With Us!

    Are you ready to delve into the world of marquise magic? Come into our showroom to try on our stunning marquise cut diamond engagement rings for yourself!

    You can also book a consultation online so we can chat styles and preferences—we’ll help you find your ideal engagement ring.