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Confident, contemporary, and surprising, you only need the rules to know how to effectively break them. You can remake the classics to dramatic effect when you choose to. Inspired by art, culture, and nature, you appreciate all that this world has to offer and require your modern diamond rings to be fashionable and functional, so you can fully experience it! You may be drawn to clean lines, geometric shapes, and smooth bezels. Explore our contemporary engagement rings to see what feels right—your intuition will guide you.

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    Consciously Modern

    Gone are the days when people didn’t care where their diamonds came from or how their gold was mined. Welcome to the new era of modern diamond rings, where contemporary shoppers want engagement rings that reflect their environmentally-conscious ideals. That’s why Taylor Custom Rings uses lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and created gemstones, as well as recycled gold. We create pieces that you can wear with confidence, knowing they didn’t contribute to any new mining.

    Eco-Innovative Diamonds

    Lab-grown diamonds are grown using eco-innovative technologies that mimic the conditions under which diamonds develop in the Earth. Lab-grown diamonds have the exact same chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. When you choose mine-free diamonds, you not only avoid the environmental and humanitarian impact of mining, you can also get a larger, nicer diamond for the same price. All of the diamond rings in our modern collection are made with mine-free diamonds and recycled precious metals.

    Contemporary Wedding Bands

    The modern rings can stand alone, or be stacked up! Browse our collection of wedding bands to find the perfect bands to wear with your contemporary engagement ring. If you’re not sure which ring size is right for you, our ring sizer will help you accurately determine your exact size.