The Serena Ring (Oval) in white gold stacked with the Nova wedding band in white gold modeled on a hand

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

The oval engagement ring embodies a clean, modern style that is hard to resist. Its beauty lies in the elongated simplicity of its shape–rounded and elegant. An oval diamond is a take on the most well-known diamond shape, the round cut. It takes the classic silhouette and gives it a modern twist–or rather a stretch–that creates a new look that covers even more of the finger.

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    Elegant Simplicity

    Bold yet minimal, our oval lab diamond engagement ring is the Audrey Hepburn of ring shapes. This shape wasn’t created until 1957, when a diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan invented it. This new style was then catapulted into the 1960s, conjuring the ethos of the minimalist art movement of the time. Our oval-cut moissanite engagement rings are classic and chic and often resonate with those who prefer a simple yet sophisticated ring.

    Because of their size and cut, an oval lab diamond engagement ring can appear bigger than a ring featuring another diamond shape. The oval’s elongated silhouette creates this effect. A round-cut diamond and an oval-cut diamond may have the exact same carat weight, but because of the elongated shape of the oval diamond, it may have more surface area and therefore appear to have a higher carat weight.

    Find the Perfect Oval Style

    The oval lab diamond engagement ring is a versatile shape–it can be oriented east-west or north-south, depending on your preference. It wears nicely as a solitaire, but it can also be complemented by a halo, side diamonds, or pavé band. Some of our most popular oval engagement rings are the Stevie, the Esme, and the Serena.

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