The Chelsea Ring (Pear with Aqua Moissanite) in yellow gold stacked with the Sloane Wedding Band in yellow gold modeled on a hand

Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Pear-Shaped Diamond or Moissanite Engagement Rings

A pear-shaped diamond falls somewhere in between a sleek, modern style and a sophisticated, antique relic. This shape has graced the hands of Flemish painters in the 15th century and movie stars in the 1950s, and today, it’s a common choice for many people who recognize and love the pear-shaped diamond. Who knows…your hands could be next in that timeline!

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    Potent Imagery

    The pear-shaped moissanite engagement ring resembles a teardrop with its curved, heavy bottom that narrows into a defined point. Many people like to think of this tear-drop shape as a symbol of the joyful tears that are associated with finding love and getting married. Others appreciate it for the way it stands out amongst other common diamond shapes. The pear-shaped lab-grown diamond ring can be a statement of individuality and confidence with its unique shape and asymmetry. Take our fun style quiz to see if a pear-shaped engagement ring fits your style!

    Our pear-shaped moissanite engagement ring exists today thanks to Lodewyk van Bercken–a Flemish diamond polisher–who invented this cut in 1458. Over five hundred years of pear-shaped goodness and the love for this style persists today. Van Bercken is also responsible for identifying the symmetry needed in the diamond’s facets to achieve its maximum sparkle and scintillation.

    Find Your Dream Ring

    At Taylor Custom Rings, we provide several options when it comes to pear-shaped gems. Lab-grown diamonds are an easy choice with their distinctive sparkle and mine-free origins. Our pear-shaped moissanite engagement ring is also an ethical choice with the same environmental benefits as our pear-shaped lab-grown diamond ring but at a lower price point. All of our diamonds and gemstones are hand-picked by experts, ensuring the best, most brilliant focal stone for your engagement ring. Find the pear-shaped diamond in our Toi et Moi Ring, the Chelsea Ring, and the Double-Halo Carly Ring, among others.

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