The Serena Ring (Emerald) in yellow gold atop a white velvet ring box

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Beautiful in its simplicity, a lab-created diamond solitaire ring is an iconic symbol of love. The solitaire-style ring is a classic design that remains as relevant as ever in the modern era. Discover the ring of your dreams, or allow us to design a custom solitaire ring for you or your partner.

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    Simple Sophistication

    A classic solitaire setting allows the diamond to be the star of the show! While solitaire settings are inherently and intentionally understated, we go above and beyond to elevate this elegant style. Our designs are inspired by art, nature, architecture, and history. From subtle to breathtaking, we lab-created diamond solitaire rings for every personality. All designs can be modified to your exact preferences. Let’s bring your vision to life!

    Mine-Free Diamonds + Recycled Precious Metals

    We create jewelry you can be proud to wear for a lifetime and pass down to future generations. All of our pieces at Taylor Custom Rings are made using conflict-free materials: recycled precious metals and lab-grown, mine-free diamonds, moissanite, or gemstones. Not only are these materials ethical, 100% genuine, and every bit as gorgeous as their mined alternatives, but they also allow you to get a bigger, nicer diamond or gemstone for the same price.

    Browse Our Collections

    If the solitaire-style ring has captured your eye, you may also enjoy our classic rings and vintage-style rings. Our friendly in-house experts can also design a one-of-a-kind, lab-created diamond solitaire ring just for you! Whether you create a custom design or purchase one of our ready-to-ship rings, you’re making the world a better place by choosing ethical jewelry. Ready to find your dream ring? Take a peek at our collections!